Scotts Bass Lessons

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Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

Walking Bass Lesson - Beginner #1 - With Scott Devine L#61.MP3

10 Things Every Bass Player Should Know /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

Scotts Bass Lessons.MP3

Sexy Up Your Bass Grooves With These Cool Articulations /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

My #1 Phrasing Exercise... "ever"! Bass Lesson With Scotts Bass Lessons L#111.MP3

Filthy Bass Groove Deconstruction + Expanding Your Vocabulary /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

The Most Important Bass Lesson I Ever Teach - With Scott Devine L#68.MP3

Awesome Funk Groove Breakdown - With Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

Fretless Bass Lesson With Scottsbasslessons.MP3

7 Essential Tips To Maximise Your Practice Time /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

Deconstructing "teen Town" By Jaco Pastorius // Bass Lesson With Scott's Bass Lessons L#107.MP3

Vital Groove Technique For Bass Players: Going Below The Root! /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

The Groove Grid Concept - A "must Know" For Every Bassist /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3

Why I Wear "the Gloves" /// Scott's Bass Lessons.MP3